A downloadable game for Windows

Spawn your rescue jeep by pressing enter on your keyboard or with the start button on an attached controller.

Plough paths through the surrounding snow, out to buried cabins. Once you've run out of fuel you'll have to return to base and restock before you can get back to snow-ploughing!

Drop rescued people back at base to gain points.

Whichever team has the most points when the timer runs out wins!

// models made with https://assetforge.io/

// music & SFX not owned:

  • Frosty Village ( Diddy Kong Racing OST)
  • Walrus Cove ( Diddy Kong Racing OST)
  • Snow Crunch SFX (Freesound.org)


SteelPeakGames_SnowWayOut.zip 135 MB

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